Webinars and Tutorials

 Hazing Webinar presented by Todd Nelson


Student-Athlete Injury Information

 Rio Convenience Summary Report 2006-2007
  Rio Convenience Summary Report 2007-2008
  Rio Convenience Summary Report​ 2008-2009
  Rio Convenience Summary Report 2009-2010
  Rio Convenience Summary Report​ 2010-2011
  Rio Convenience Summary Report​ 2011-2012
  Rio Convenience Summary Report​ 2012-2013
  Rio Convenience Summary Report 2013-2014
  Rio Convenience Summary Report 2014-2015
  Rio Convenience Summary Report​ 2015-2016


MRSA Concern

Health Advisory: Prevention of Methicillin - Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Infections in the School Setting which was originally issued on October 25, 2007 has been updated. Updated sections are indicated by underlined text in this most recent advisory. You may view this new advisory from the NYS Department of Health and NYS Education Department on our website in the A-Z Index, under "M" for MRSA. Find More Here

 Best Practices for Preventing Skin Infections
 Resources for Skin Infections
 NYSPHSAA Guide for Skin Infections


Heat Index & Wind Chill Procedures

The NYSPHSAA Executive Committee (May 2010) approved:

 Heat Index Procedures
 Wind Chill Procedures for use in its member school athletic programs


 Early Season Climate Acclimatization
 Preseason Heat-Acclimatization Guidelines for Secondary School Athletics
 U.S. Soccer Heat Guidelines


Other Safety Issues

 Thunder and Lightning Policy
 Special Equipment Accommodations Procedure
 Cardiac Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)