We are excited to introduce a new course option for our members, Hazing Prevention: It’s Everyone’s ResponsibilityTM High School Training Kit. This Spring the course will be offered for FREE to our member schools as a beta test for the program with the ability to provide feedback on the course. Beginning in the Fall 2017, the course will cost $100 for an annual license for up to 40 facilitators.

This training kit includes a Facilitator's Guide, multimedia presentation and a certificate of completion. This educational offering is designed as a guided/facilitated course for high school teams or groups. The 20-minute presentation uses examples specific to student-athletes to help prevent hazing activity in high school.  Resources also include discussion topics and optional assessments.




1-5-6: Clarified the coach’s responsibility for their players to be properly and legally equipped.

1-6-5: Clarified that all eye protection shall be permanently labeled by January 1, 2019.

1-6-11 PEN: Clarified that the coach is responsible for the players to be properly and legally equipped and if not compliant, the coach will receive a misconduct penalty.

1-7-7: Clarified that the coach is responsible for the goalkeeper’s compliant equipment and uniform.

2-2-4: Clarified how the umpire signals the end of each half. 

3-2-11: Modified how a player is allowed to play the ball at any height including above their shoulders under certain circumstances.

5-2-1 #5 Exception: Clarified how coaches are to avoid gamesmanship during a penalty corner. 

8-1-1a: Clarified how players may play the ball at any height including above their shoulders under certain criteria.

10-2-3g: Clarified how to restart play when a stoppage occurs during a penalty corner at the end of a prolonged first or second half.

Officials’ Guide X. B, 4: Clarified the role of the lead umpire during the administering of a penalty stroke. 




Protective eye wear which meets the ASTM Standards shall be worn by all member school field hockeyplayers (May 2007). If undershirts are worn, they must be white in color for the home team and dark in colorfor the away team (Feb. 2008).  Sections may determine which of the approved overtime procedures tofollow (May 2006).

Protective eye wear which meets the ASTM Standards shall be worn by all member school field hockey players (May 2007). If undershirts are worn, they must be white in color for the home team and dark in color for the away team (Feb. 2008).  Sections may determine which of the approved overtime procedures to follow (May 2006).


State Association Adoptions:

1.            Officials may wear a colored or black and white stripe shirt. (Jan. 2005)

2.            The game clock may continue to run after goals are scored and when one team is ahead by 5 or more goals. (Jan. 2005)

3.            When a player is yellow carded during overtime, the offending team will play shorthanded.

4.            A waiver of rule 1-5-1, player uniforms, for the 2012-2014 seasons. (Jan. 2012)


Scrimmages:  A field hockey scrimmage must start with a sideline or 16 yard hit and includes  one or more of the following:

1.            A running clock and/or modified periods

2.            Incorporate all or part of the Overtime Procedure into the scrimmage

3.            Each team will take 5 offensive corners, playing until either a goal is scored; ball goes out of bounds or crosses the 25yd line.