Rules Updates


Previous Modifications:

Each contestant shall wear a protective hard shell helmet during practice and competition for all alpine skiing practices and races, giant slalom and slalom. A contestant may participate in no more than two events in any one day of competition, provided that the last event of the day is cross country and that no more than one cross country event is raced per day. It is recommended that all meets be conducted under the rules of the U.S. Eastern Amateur Ski Association, the National Ski Association of America, and the Federation International de ski (F.I.S.). For other requirements see p. 111.
Waivers/Modifications: The minimum ski lengths for slalom and giant slalom. (May 2005)
Scrimmages: A skiing scrimmage will consist of one (1) or more runs of slalom, giant slalom and/or Nordic. Electronic timing and officials may be used for instructional purposes only.