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A player may compete in either a singles or doubles competition on  the same day. Only two matches are allowed per day and both matches must use a modified scoring system that conforms to one of the following formats: best 2 of 3 sets, using no-add scoring, with a 12 point tie breaker at 6 all; or, ten game pro-set, using regular scoring with a 12 point tie breaker at 9 all (May 2003). In tournament play, the maximum number of matches shall be three in one day. Participation in a two-day invitational tennis tournament shall count as one of the 20 contests permitted and only three such tournaments shall be allowed within the 20 meet limitation. In league and Sectional competition, Sections would have the option to increase the number of matches to four (4) in one day using modified scoring with rest periods being 30 minutes for the quarter final and below, 45 minutes for the semi-finals and 60 minutes for the finals. (May 2010)

The Commitment to Compete form must be completed to be eligible to compete in the NYSPHSAA tournament (Boys-May 2003; Girls-May 2006). Failure to honor your commitment to complete the tournament for reasons other than injury or illness will result in forfeiture from the tournament and ineligibility from next year's NYSPHSAA State Tennis Tournament. This incident will also be reported to the student's school administration (May 2011).

At the NYSPHSAA Championship coaching on the court is permitted, however cheering remains prohibited (Jan. 2009).

For other requirements see p. 111.

Scrimmages: A tennis scrimmage must alter format so it does not follow the regular competition format for league/sectional play. Suggested formats include but are not limited to:

1. Teams use tie breaks only
2. 5 game pro-sets with a tie break at 5-5
3. An 8 game pro-set – 1st one to 3 points.
4. Modified 8 game pro-set – 1st players to 3 points completes the scrimmage.
5. Teams compete using an 8 game pro-set rather than 2 out of 3 sets with tie breakers at 6-6.